For the benefit of all slipholders, a copy of the Wharf developer's transition plans with graphic depictions of the Phase II, PUD plan is now in the laundry room. Please feel free to look at but leave the books there for other slipholders to also be able to review. This is similar to what can be found on the Wharf website, but may be easier for some to access.

Aug 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene - 6PMish update

Hurricane Irene, a set on Flickr.

I stepped outside for a quick walk and took some additional photos.

Everyone seems to be pretty hunkered down at this point. The wind has picked up a bit, probably gusting at about 35 mph now. Rain is steady and getting slightly heavier.

No real problems to report in the marina at the moment. I stopped in at a neighbor's for an incredible bowl of chili! Now, back on the boat and getting used to the rocking.

Irene will probably disturb our sleep a bit tonight as sustained winds are supposed to reach 40mph late this evening and early into tomorrow. All the more reason for hurricane parties to run a little later!


  1. Thanks. Next time take a picture from the top down F dock. Just want to make sure we're still floating.

  2. You are still floating. I just walked down that way.