For the benefit of all slipholders, a copy of the Wharf developer's transition plans with graphic depictions of the Phase II, PUD plan is now in the laundry room. Please feel free to look at but leave the books there for other slipholders to also be able to review. This is similar to what can be found on the Wharf website, but may be easier for some to access.

Jan 28, 2011

GPSA Meeting on Jan 31, 2010 at 7:00PM

The next GPSA meeting will take place this coming Monday, Jan 31 at 7:00PM in the Harbor Patrol Community Classroom.

A tentative agenda is listed below. Please contact Jason Kopp ( if you have any suggestions or would like to make an announcement at the meeting. J Nickerson will attend to answer any questions slipholders may have for marina management. He will also speak about the upcoming changes to E Dock. The E Dock changes will potentially affect all slipholders as early as Feb, so we urge you to attend this meeting if possible.

Tentative GPSA Agenda for 1/31/11

- Development (E Dock Transition) - J Nickerson
- Community Support for Brian and Andre's Documentary (
- Community Boat Outings
- Cherry Blossoms Events
- Used flare night
- Alice Ferguson Foundation Potomac Watershed Clean up (and possible kayak clean up - April 9)
- More Tree Plantings? Other Green Initiatives?
- Celebrating Liveaboard Boater Day in the District of Colombia (Aug 13)
- GPSA Boats for major events
- Inclusion of larger SW Community, PN Hoffmand & Associates, and Deputy Mayor's Office for Economic Development in GPSA events
- Community Concerns and Suggestions
- Future Meeting Dates