For the benefit of all slipholders, a copy of the Wharf developer's transition plans with graphic depictions of the Phase II, PUD plan is now in the laundry room. Please feel free to look at but leave the books there for other slipholders to also be able to review. This is similar to what can be found on the Wharf website, but may be easier for some to access.

Dec 14, 2010

Interim Use Plans for Hogate's Space

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold last night to attend the ANC 6D Meeting.

Southwest ... The Little Quadrant That Could did an excellent job summarizing the overall presentation by PN Hoffman and Madison Marquette. Check out their blog post here.

There are three additional points I included in my notes from the meeting:
- Only the above-ground level of Hogate's is being demolished. The below-ground parking will remain intact.
- Elinor Bacon stated that all events should end by 11PM. The presenters made an effort to emphasize the community-oriented programming they are planning, which will be different from the events previously hosted at Hogate's.
- The Washington Kastles plan on completing some community service projects in the area. Two ideas include repairing local tennis courts and providing free tennis lessons for children in SW.

The first events in this new space will take place during next year's Cherry Blossom Festival.

The official RFP should be submitted later this week.

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