For the benefit of all slipholders, a copy of the Wharf developer's transition plans with graphic depictions of the Phase II, PUD plan is now in the laundry room. Please feel free to look at but leave the books there for other slipholders to also be able to review. This is similar to what can be found on the Wharf website, but may be easier for some to access.

Aug 14, 2009

Live-Aboard Boater Day 2009

Thank you to everyone who attended the Live-Aboard Boater Day Barbecue yesterday. We had a great turnout, and a wonderful time! We welcomed visitors Senator Paul Strauss, Councilmember Well's Senior Policy Advisor Linda O'Brien, ANC 6D Chairman Andy Litsky, Commissioners Jane Jorgenson and David Sobelsohn, and former GPSA president Diane Pennessi. Various members from the Gangplank Slipholders Association (GPSA) and the Port of Washington Yacht Club (POWYC) and friends from the community were also present. Roger Thiel commenced the event with a few wonderful words about the uniqueness of our community. GPSA President Jason Kopp then read the proposed 2009 Ceremonial Resolution Linda O'Brien had drafted declaring August 13, 2009 Live-Aboard Boater Day in the District of Columbia. Senator Strauss spoke about the need to advocate for the rights of live-aboard boaters. Currently, he stated, live-aboard boaters are treated as second class citizens. While DC law mandates specific rights be conferred upon renters, these laws do not apply to live-aboard boaters, making their existence in our Nation's Capital much more tenuous. Next, ANC 6D Commissioner David Sobelsohn spoke about the the live-aboard community's value to ANC 6D, and the Commission's commitment to maintaining the live-aboard community's presence here. Afterwards, the 70 people in attendance enjoyed wonderful weather, excellent food, and the warm company of their neighbors and friends throughout the rest of the evening.

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