Nov 18, 2015

POWYC/CYC Annual Chili Cookoff

Many Gankplankers attended the POWYC/CYC Annual Chili Cookoff. GPSA President Kathy Heet and board member Jason Kopp won 1st place (judge’s choice) with their chorizo chili and new Gangplank D-dockers Elizabeth and Patrick won 1st place (people's choice) with their amazing chili.

Nov 14, 2015

Return of the "Peggie"

The Peg Leg Award (AKA "Peggie") was created in 2012 to recognize deeds that form the foundation of our community. The award is given in recognition of being a good neighbor. Why a peg leg? Because we live on boats! And because we think that a good neighbor often provides support beyond what we are capable of doing alone.

The Peggie highlights the strong sense of community that makes living at Gangplank Marina so special. That sense of community exists due in no small part to the small acts of kindness that slipholders impart to one another on a regular basis. And for that reason, we’re bringing the Peggie back this year.

How it works:
1. Nominations are cast online or in paper form by listing a neighbors name and why they should win a "Peggie".
2. A winner is selected at random at a GPSA meeting once a month.
3. The winner will be given an award and featured with the good deeds they have done.
4. All nominations will be read at the GPSA meeting and listed on our blog and social media sites.

The winner of the Peg Leg Award for the month of November will be determined at the December 1st GPSA meeting. We will accept nominees starting now until the time of the drawing. You can nominate more than one person.

To cast your nominations:

- Fill out the online form here
- Send an email 

- Give Tashia McCarty (or any other GPSA Board Member) a paper slip with all details written on it

We have a great community so let's make sure we express how much we appreciate each other!

Nov 12, 2015

Ugly Sweater Run 2015

Ugly Sweater Run DC - December 12th, 2015 - 9:00am - National Harbor. Join the Gangplank team! Message us to add your name to the list. Photo credit:

GPSA Parade of Lights Decorating Party

GPSA Parade of Lights Decorating Party on December 3rd!

GPSA is hosting a decorating party during Happy Hour on Thursday, December 3rd. This isn't to take away from HH, but to encourage participants to stop over. The goal is to get as many boats decorated as possible for the 2015 Parade of Lights on December 5th. We will be providing pizza, mulled wine, music, and good company. So, if you still need to decorate, need assistance decorating, or just want to hang out with your awesome neighbors, show up at the common area at the foot of A-dock on 12/3. Let's show our holiday spirit! *If you're feeling generous, bring a dish or beverage to share! 

Patrick's Farewell

Gangplankers saying goodbye to security guard Patrick Slaughter as he leaves for new opportunities in sunny Florida. He will most definitely be missed!